Noah helps the HUAWEI Mate 20 series lead the new height of wisdom

Oct. 2018


Abstract: The HUAWEI Mate 20 series mobile phone, which was released in Shanghai on October 26th, has brought new wisdom to the world with many new technologies, attracting the attention of users all over the world. Noah's AI algorithm has become one of the engines that help the Mate 20 series achieve the new height of wisdom.
On October 26th, Beijing time, 2018 Huawei's flagship new product launch ceremony was held in Shanghai. At the meeting, Huawei launched the Mate 20 series mobile phone, which integrates many new technologies and leads the new height of wisdom.
When it comes to wisdom, AI is indispensable. As Huawei's AI algorithm competence center, AI algorithm research in the terminal field has always been the focus of Noah's Ark Lab, and has achieved very good results. Noah has helped the terminal team to release many AI-related features such as text hyper-fractionation, portrait semantic segmentation, voice assistant, and recommendation and search for HiApp and HiGame on the previously released series of mobile phones, which plays an important role in improving the user experience of mobile phones through AI. This time, with some new breakthrough in video algorithms, Noah helped Mate 20 series to launch real-time HDR video, identity-oriented AI video cutting and other highlight features, which brings users a better video shooting experience.

Real-time HDR Video

HDR, full name High Dynamic Range. In general, HDR technology can expand the brightness range of the display, improve the contrast of the details of the picture, show more highlights and shadow details, bring richer colors and more vivid and natural details to the picture, thus making the video picture closer to what the human eye sees. Noah's AI-based video HDR algorithm can solve the video flicker problem caused by the video enhancement that has been plagued by the industry while achieving the high dynamic range effect of the video picture, and raise the video HDR to a new level.

Identity-oriented AI Video Cutting

Today is an era of information and data explosion, we often need to extract the data of our own attention from the massive information, and the video is the same. For example, for the kindergarten graduation video, parents are more concerned about their own children's every move, they hope to be able to clip the clips of their interest together to make a small video saved in the phone to watch or share at any time. But they often give up this idea because of the complexity and high skill demands of video cutting.
Mate 20 series mobile phone's unique identity-oriented AI video cutting function can help users easily realize this desire on the mobile phone. This function is based on AI video comprehension technology. In the cumbersome video picture, the key segment of the specific protagonist can be automatically extracted through AI algorithm of identity recognition. Then, with various special effects, these clips are automatically clipped into wonderful movies about the protagonist. Gather the bits you want and build your own blockbuster.
The role of mobile phones in people's lives is becoming more and more important, and is gradually shifting from tools to personal assistants. In this process, the role of AI is crucial, and it can be said that it will dominate the development of this process. As the AI algorithm competence center of Huawei, Noah pays attention to the combination of theory and practice. While vigorously promoting the research in AI theory, we also pay attention to the AI application of Huawei's main business. Terminal intelligence is one of the key areas and the AI application of the Mate 20 series mobile phone is a good practice case.
In addition to the above-mentioned parts that have already released, there are many new AI algorithms under study. We welcome all the interested partners to join us and let's build a fully connected, intelligent world together.